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Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2016!!
If you attended our December 2015 CCSG holiday party you know that a decision has been made to disband the group because we simply aren’t getting the attendance for our meetings at AAMC.  We think there are several reasons for this but the most obvious is the widespread availability of information re: celiac disease and gluten free dining along with an ever-increasing number of food products that are readily available at most grocery stores and many restaurants.
Many of us have become friends through CCSG and of course we want to remain connected so we’d like to invite you to EMAIL  chesapeakeceliacdrnancy@gmail.com BY SUN JANUARY 10th AND INDICATE YOU’D LIKE TO BE ON THE NEW MAILING LIST for any social gatherings or dining out activities we may have.  Please type YES – ADD ME TO THE MAILING LIST in the subject line. If you don’t sign up to be on the new email list, you will NOT receive any further announcements.
The current CCSG Inc. FaceBook fan page (www.facebook.com/CCSGInc) will be replaced with a FaceBook group which will allow easy interaction between participants and allow social interaction as well as sharing recipes and tips regarding products, etc. Those who ask to be added to the email list will receive an email invite for the FaceBook group.  This website will be discontinued sometime in January.
We want to thank EVERYONE who participated in CCSG activities over the years.  We all should be very proud of all the people who received support from the organization over the years.  We look forward to interacting with many of you in the coming year!!
Dr Nancy Miller-Ihli & Bambi Sturgeon
CCSG Co-Chairs

CCSG Steering Committee

Welcome to Celiacs Online

Celiacs Online is the domain of Chesapeake Celiac Support Group, Inc.

This site was designed to share information with newly diagnosed and experienced celiacs who live in Maryland, but we believe people across the country will find it useful as an on-line directory. Our goal is to provide a resource tool so that celiacs can find support groups, current medical information, local food sources and fabulous food sites from Celiacs Online.

More info for Celiacs

There are several contacts listed throughout this website, should you need more information in any of these areas. Don’t forget to bookmark this page as one of your favorites so that you will have ready access to what’s new and what’s available in Maryland at Celiacs Online.

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